Monday, August 10, 2015

New School!

Hi guys! Sorry i have not wrote in a long time. I got 2 dogs! ones name is Bogey and he is 7 years old, and other ones name is Zeus and he is 8 months. Bogey is a Yorkeypoo this picture isn't him put it looks a lot like him!

   Also I am changing schools from PCDS to Saint Francis Xavier. Saint Francis Xavier is a catholic Middle school and you have to ware uniforms! I got a new back pack and it has a cheese pizza print on it! I already made a friend that goes there and it's still summer!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New School Suplise

Today I talked to my friend Hannah. She lives in Massachusetts. This morning I went to staples and me and my sister got $10 each but lucky I had an extra $3 bucks. There I got those dry erase crayons, and a compusition book sticky notes and 2 long erasers! Are moving people did a terrible that they lost 50 boxes! and I think they lost my moms teddy bear that she gave to me. Have you seen my mom. She ownes 2 bissnusses. Called and

Joke of the day:
Where do cows go on dates?
To the moovies!

Today I had speggeti
speggeti is by favrite food at bertoochies it's a restrount in lexington you can't get it in Arizona. School starts in a couple days!! And my sisters birthday too! But I don't have her present yet!! :(


Monday, June 16, 2014


Hello people of the world! Sorry I have not bloged in a while I am realy busy and I have skating and I have to pack and a lot of stuff. Today in school we learned this improv game because my teacher used to be an improv teacher. The game is called yes and. It's when you have to start talking and when your over the person next to you has to say yes and blah blah blah. The rules are you can never say no because then it ruends it. ONLY 9 MORE DAYS TELL I AM MOVING!Have you ever watched tight pants? It's realy funny! Just go to youtube and look up tight pants. You will get quite a lagh.
Today when my sister was picking me up from school she said she killed my fish! And I love my fish even thoe he doesn't do much. She said she poked him with a nife! But she said she would buy me a new one. So then I said do you like my plaster person and she said no. Then she was just kidding. And she liked my plaster person but I didn't know what to belive aboute my fish so I made her a deal. If my fish is dead your dead to and you have to give me money to buy a new fish. And if he is still alive you can ceep your life and still buy me a new fish. So when I got home I cheked on my fish and he was still alive. So Kinsey got to live but she still has to buy me a new fish!
Why didn't the scelliton cross the rode?
Because he had no guts!